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SungThai quartz crystal microbalance chips and film thickness monitor quartz crystals are leading and high-quality products in China. SungThai is a leading specialized manufacturer and supplier of premium Quartz Crystals for thin film measurement.

SungThai offers a range of high-quality and competitive vacuum coating consumables for thin film, optical coating, optical glasses and semiconductor industries. SungThai possesses its own brands, and is also an OEM and ODM partner of some well-known brands.

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Quartz Monitor Crystals

Quartz Crystal Microbalance Sensor

High-quality quartz crystal manufacturing process

The stability and longevity of a crystal affect not only the accuracy of rate and thickness measurements, but more importantly the successful completion of the process being controlled. Thanks to strict manufacturing process, SungThai crystals ensure high quality and durability. It allows for reliable quality control and lower price than the quartz crystals of well-known brands with same quality.

coated quartz(Magnetron sputtering machine)

Certification and registration

1.Developer of crystal standard

Developer of crystal standard

2.ISO certification

ISO certification

3.Supplier for aviation&aerospace applications

Supplier for aviation&aerospace applications

4.Supplier for military and defense applications

Supplier for military and defense applications

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  • Developer of Chinese industrial standard for crystals.

  • OEM/ODM manufacturing of crystal components for nearly 60 years