8 12, 2020

Quartz crystal sensor for vacuum coating in precision optical coating industry


Standard Optical Coating Standard optical coating typically consists of 8 or more layers, including ophthalmic lens, camera lens and basic anti-reflection display coatings. Gold crystals are commonly used in these [...]

8 12, 2020

Influence of quartz crystal quality on piezoelectric crystal quality and its detection


Piezoelectric Effect of Quartz Crystal and Its Application In 1880, Pierre Curie and his older brother Paul-Jacques Curie discovered the piezoelectric effect of quartz crystal. After breakout of World War [...]

8 12, 2020

Application of Sensor Quartz Crystals Monitor in OLED Manufacturing with Vacuum Evaporation


Vacuum Evaporation for OLED: The source material is evaporated into atoms or molecules in a vacuum by heating with electric current, electron beam bombardment or laser etc. Then they move [...]

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