Monitor Quartz Crystals OEM/ODM:

SungThai quartz crystal microbalance chips and film thickness monitor quartz crystals are leading and high-quality products in China. SungThai is a leading specialized manufacturer and supplier of premium Quartz Crystals for thin film measurement. SungThai offers a range of high-quality and competitive vacuum coating consumables for thin film, optical coating, optical glasses and semiconductor industries. SungThai possesses its own brands, and is also an OEM and ODM partner of some well-known brands.

Our mission is: At here, you can get equivalent quality of brand products and services at competitive prices to ensure stable and accurate operation of your supply chain or manufacturing process. Other Quartz Crystals products under the same manufacturing system as ours have been used in military and aviation/aerospace applications, e.g. Dongfanghong satellite (1970), Asia No.1 communication satellite (1990), Long March III rocket (1990), Shenzhou spaceship (1999), Chang’e circumlunar satellite (2007), Beidou satellite……In extremely harsh space environment, these products successfully completed their missions.

Thanks to leading manufacturing platform and system, the product team was invited to participate in developing Chinese national standard for manufacturing of film thickness Quartz Crystal Sensor. Guided by this standard, Chinese Quartz Crystal Sensor for film thickness industry manufactures more than 80% of crystal products in the world, becoming an important OEM, ODM manufacturing base.

Our AT Cut replacement quartz monitor crystals are an excellent choice to enhance your process and help you maintain a lean consumables budget. We sell a wide range of replacement crystals for most commercially popular film thickness monitoring systems. Furthermore, we stock nearly all our crystal offerings for fast delivery to ensure no downtime in your production or laboratory environment. Our crystals are manufactured to the original manufacturer’s (OEM) specifications. In most cases we exceed theses OEM specifications and quality controls to provide you with replacement consumables you can thoroughly trust.

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Who is buying Our Monitor Quartz Crystals

Phoenix Optics, Carl Zeiss, Aviation Industry Corporation of China, China Aerospace, Luxottica

How do they choose SungThai Monitor Quartz Crystals

” China manufactures about 80% of monitor quartz crystals products in the High-Stress Deposition 6 MHz Sensorchip Quartz Crystals Monitor (QCM) for Thickness Monitors Controllersworld; SungThai product team is the developer of Chinese national industrial standard, and is the technical leader. ” —— Edward-Head oF Worldwide Procuremen

” In 1980’s, we have known that their quartz crystals components have good reputation in international market; their precision equipment and manufacturing process are excellent. ” —— Daniel-Director Supplier Technical Assistan

” Once aerospace devices are launched into space, any problem in any part will result in failure of the mission; SungThai products have experienced many great space programs, and have delivered good performance up to now. We trust SungThai. ” —— Evelyn-Senior Vice President

” Our engineers are very skillful and experienced; in the past, we bought economical products with short service life; by replacing them more frequently, we can get similar results as the precision products. Now, we don’t need to do so because SungThai offers precision products at economical price. Our engineers are much easier. ” —— Ronald-Operations Manager

” SungThai uses first-class quartz bars with long growth cycle and high Q value as the raw materials; doubtless, it greatly improves the quality of crystals. ” —— Patrick-Director of Sales

” SungThai’s coating machines are customized special magnetron sputtering equipment, providing very high density and strong adhesion in contrast to our previous products. ” —— Nicole-Partner Manager

” All products manufactured from SungThai are 100% tested; having been used for many years, the products work well without any problem. ” —— Ashley-Vice President

Our Monitor Quartz Crystals equipment:

We not only provide outstanding Quartz Crystals component manufacturing system, but also participate in developing nation-level strict industrial standard to guide the development of industry. Since 1980’s, we have employed state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment from USA and Japan etc. and have continuously updated them. We are proud of possessing modern, efficient and precise manufacturing equipment. Depending on the process, all products are cleaned, manufactured, inspected and sealed in Class 1,000 or 10,000 dustless environment. Before delivered to you, all products are 100% tested by our testing system. We employs customized special magnetron sputtering equipment, achieving good controllability and repeatability of film thickness (successful coating in one run), strong adhesion between film and quartz crystal (target particles have higher energy than evaporation process by 1 order of magnitude) and high efficiency; it can manufacture thin film of various materials.

Our Monitor Quartz Crystals design/manufacturing:

We are one of a few quartz crystals manufacturer in the world who design and manufacture products as per aviation/aerospace standard; these quartz crystals have been proven in complicated and harsh space environment. Therefore, our quartz monitor crystals can work in temperature ranges of 250-300°C and 300-450°C. We can also design and manufacture various customized quartz monitor crystals for industrial users and R&D departments with high requirements. Stability, longevity and conformity with customer’s specific specification have always been our only guideline to design and manufacture products. Our products are not classified as economical, industrial and high-precision. We offer reliable products for you in compliance with best design and manufacturing standard. Through direct sales from our factory, perhaps you may get precision class products equivalent to well-known brands at economical class prices of other brands; there are not any additional brand value and marketing cost.

Our Monitor Quartz Crystals service:

Although our technology are in leading position, we believe service is what a customer needs most; SungThai offers quick and efficient service and complete technical support for all customers around the world. Our capacity can satisfy your requirements for massive manufacturing or small-scale R&D. More importantly, we follow up all orders from beginning to end, therefore we will not omit any details and will ensure correct and timely response to customers’ need.

The service that we can offer for you: From the initial design and R&D as per your need up to the manufacturing, we surely are able to timely deliver high quality products. We look forward to cooperation with you.


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