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Quartz Thickness-Monitor Crystals Sensor Technology

A quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) (also known as quartz microbalance (QMB), sometimes also as quartz crystal nanobalance (QCN)) measures a mass variation per unit area by measuring the change in frequency of a quartz crystal. The resonance is disturbed by the addition or removal of a small mass due to film deposition at the surface of the quartz crystal. The QCM can be used under vacuum, in gas phase and more recently in liquid environments. It is useful for monitoring the rate of deposition in thin film deposition systems under vacuum. In liquid, it is highly effective at determining the affinity of molecules (proteins, in particular) to surfaces functionalized with recognition sites. When compressed, quartz material will generate electric charge like battery. This property is known as piezoelectric effect.

Silver Quartz Thickness-Monitor Crystals Sensor principle

With this effect, depositing a thin film on the surface of crystal will retard the oscillation of quartz crystal. Film thickness is a function of oscillation (or frequency) change and film density. A monitor is used to measure real-time thickness of the film deposited on the quartz monitor crystals or any nearby object. The quartz monitor crystals oscillates for millions of times per second; when the film is deposited on the quartz monitor crystals, the monitor calculates the change of oscillation times per second; based on the data received, the thickness of film is calculated.

Our AT-Cut replacement quartz monitor crystals are an excellent choice to enhance your process and help you maintain a lean consumables budget. We sell a wide range of replacement quartz monitor crystals for most commercially popular film thickness monitoring systems (including Inficon, Maxtek, Sigma Instruments and Sycon Instruments). Our quartz monitor crystals are manufactured to the original manufacturer’s (OEM) specifications. In most cases we exceed theses OEM specifications and quality controls to provide you with replacement consumables you can thoroughly trust.



SungThai offers both 5 MHz and 6 MHz AT-cut quartz thickness-monitor crystals. These products are offered with gold, silver, and alloy coated electrodes for major optical and vacuum coating applications, PVD, and for use in thin film deposition processes.

Silver-aluminum alloy quartz monitor crystalsl is coated with optical film. Thanks to good optical transparency and refractivity property of MgF2, SiO2, Al2O3 and TiO2 materials, they are widely used for optical coating. But please note that, these materials are most difficult to monitor; only when substrate temperature is higher than 200°C can these materials have very good adhesion to the substrate. So when these materials are coated on water-cooled crystal, it will generate high stress in film condensation process, and is likely to result in failure of the crystal within 1,000 angstroms.

How to manufacture high quality quartz monitor crystals

The stability and longevity of a quartz monitor crystals affect not only the accuracy of rate and thickness measurements, but more importantly the successful completion of the process being controlled. In order to ensure stable quartz monitor crystals, accurate rate and best longevity, our manufacturing process is controlled in strict compliance with high precision manufacturing standard; before released from the factory, all products will be 100% tested, including:

  • Impedance test – Assure measurement stability and longer coating life; resonance impedance indicates electric contact and adhesion of electrode.

  • Frequency test – Small range of starting frequency ensures accurate thickness measurement.

  • Curvature test – Curvature test ensures balanced resonance; low resonance stability in curvature test means fast degradation of product quality.

  • Visual conformity – Inspect for electrode uniformity, surface flaws, and other imperfections which might indicate poor adhesion or contamination.

More importantly, the products released from the factory have been used by our customers in actual applications and proven by millions of successful process runs with a wide range of materials, applications and industries

Advantages of 5MHz and 6MHz AT-cut Silver Quartz Thickness-Monitor Crystals Sensor

Our product manufacturing system includes demanding requirements for military and aerospace applications. Longevity, stability, accuracy and interference protection are inherent traits of our products. Good quality results from strict process management, not only from 100% testing in the factory.

Our products originate from a dedicated quartz crystals component manufacturer with a history of 60 years which is specialized in manufacturing quartz monitor crystals for 30 years. You don’t worry that our products are outsourced from any third party manufacturer. Direct sales from the manufacturer ensure reliable supply and provide competitive price. Apart from supply of standard products, we can customize products depending on your need.

By using high quality quartz bars with long growth cycle and high Q value, we control product quality from the very beginning of manufacturing process.

Since 1980’s, we have introduced or customized state-of-the-art coating machines, so that our crystals have better density and adhesion with highly competitive deposition accuracy in the industry.

High-end piano allows for better performance; but a person without long-term special training cannot make excellent products no matter what high-end machines he uses. Our engineers are our core competitiveness; thanks to expertise accumulated for 30 years, our engineers can make use of modern equipment, manufacturing system and excellent technology to manufacture quartz monitor crystals with superior quality.

Certification and registration:

1.Developer of crystal standard

Developer of crystal standard

2.ISO certification

ISO certification

3.Supplier for aviation&aerospace applications

Supplier for aviation&aerospace applications

4.Supplier for military and defense applications

Supplier for military and defense applications

End users of our products:

why they choose 5MHz and 6MHz AT-cut Silver Quartz Thickness-Monitor Crystals Sensor

China manufactures about 80% of quartz monitor crystals products in the world; SungThai product team is the developer of Chinese national industrial standard, and is the technical leader.

In 1980’s, we have known that their quartz crystals components have good reputation in international market; their precision equipment and manufacturing process are excellent.

Once aerospace devices are launched into space, any problem in any part will result in failure of the mission; SungThai products have experienced many great space programs, and have delivered good performance up to now. We trust SungThai.

Our engineers are very skillful and experienced; in the past, we bought economical products with short service life; by replacing them more frequently, we can get similar results as the precision products. Now, we don’t need to do so because SungThai offers precision products at economical price. Our engineers are much easier.
All products manufactured from SungThai are 100% tested; having been used for many years, the products work well without any problem.

Convenient packages

Black flat-pack carousel dispenser with vacuum plastic bags-holds 10 crystals which are extracted by vacuum pencil or dispensed directly into holder

Clean room quartz monitor crystals package enables convenient dispensing of the crystals directly from the package to the sensor, minimizing operator handling and risk of contamination. To make the quartz monitor crystals package more cleanroom-friendly, we eliminate the paper and foam inserts and make the packages stackable for easy storage.

why they choose 5MHz and 6MHz AT-cut Silver Quartz Thickness-Monitor Crystals Sensor

Silver Electrode crystals 6MHz Standard Double Anchor

Siler Electrode crystals 6MHz Standard Double Anchor 01

Silver Electrode crystals 6MHz Standard Full pad

Siler Electrode crystals 6MHz Standard Full pad 02

Silver Electrode crystals 5MHz Standard Double Anchor

Siler Electrode crystals 5MHz Standard Double Anchor 03

Silver Electrode crystals 5MHz Standard Full pad

Siler Electrode crystals 5MHz Standard Full pad 04

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