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Principle of QCM-D in polymer material application

The behavior of polymer on solid/liquid interface directly affects the physical and chemical properties of interface; the dynamic behavior of polymer on interface was wrongly considered in the past; when QCM was initially used in gas application, people wrongly considered that dissipation is too high in liquid phase; therefore, they thought it is difficult to find an appropriate oscillation circuit that allows piezoelectric quartz oscillator to maintain stable oscillation and to get correct signal. Up to 1996, people got new finding; based on the formula about propagation of shear wave between quartz crystal and liquid phase with limitation by boundary conditions, people found that after the circuit is disconnected, the alternating voltage applied on quartz crystal exponentially attenuates due to dissipation; therefore, dissipation factor can be obtained by measuring attenuation of amplitude. By switching “on” or “off” the circuit, you can get the change of a series of frequencies and dissipation factors. By referring to liquid medium, you can get the frequency and dissipation of thin film on quartz crystal surface. Based on this principle, people developed QCM-D, commercialized it in 1998 and employed it in biological, chemical and physical

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Application of QCM sensors in polymer adsorption on solid/liquid interface

Adsorption of polymer on solid/liquid interface is an ancient topic in colloid and interface science; existing research techniques, including SPR detector and ellipsometer, can only give the change of adsorption on interface as a function of time in adsorption process, but cannot show the structural change of polymer in adsorption process. Since QCM-D can give real-time information about mass and structural change of polymer on interface at the same time, it can show the details and intermediate status in adsorption process.

Application of QCM sensors in degradation of polymer on solid/liquid interface

Biodegradable polyesters have been widely used in drug delivery, biomaterials and medicine; their degradability and stability have attracted much attention, especially in enzymatic degradation. It is well-known that the morphology and cleanliness of polyester film and the interaction between grains have great influence on degradation process. However, currently, its degradation mechanism and details are not clear yet; with QCM sensors, we can investigate the degradation process of polycaprolactone (PCL) in presence of pseudomonas lipase (LP). We can get the change of frequency as a function of time in the degradation process of PCL film with different cleanliness in presence of LP.

Application of QCM-D sensors in researching polymer material

Polymer accumulation, conformation and degradation control are the main characteristic materials for polymer research and development. Through measurement, QCM-D sensors provide a real-time polymer layer to control the change of mass and softness (related to dissipation). The polymer grafted to the surface can have several different conformations. The ability to control these conversions enhances the applicability of the material. In this study, QCM-D was chosen to study conformational changes of polymers specifically for technical sensitivity. It is possible to control the in-situ and real-time conformations of polymers by changing the temperature and grafting density, and also to identify the phases in the adsorption process of different polymers.


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QCM chip is the most critical component in a QCM device; the associated chips from most device manufacturers are not interchangeable; currently, they are mainly supplied as associated components from device manufacturers. Globally, because the market is small and relevant enterprises are not many, the enterprises that are specialized in/dedicated to crystal chips are even fewer; in most cases, the brand owners purchase/resell them from OEM/ODM manufacturers; SungThai is one of a few specialized ODM/OEM manufacturers; thanks to specialized manufacturing for thirty years, SungThai can develop customized products for customers; nowadays, SungThai is in leading position in China and even in the world.

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