Piezo quartz crystal thin film Sensor/Quartz Monitor Crystals For Vacuum Applications

  • SungThai technical team takes advantages of general technology in thin firm and quartz crystal field for thirty years; by using this technology integrated with cutting-edge manufacturing process, we manufacture excellent quartz crystal products; we are proud of being the leader of thin film thickness monitoring industry. Our sensor quartz crystals monitor minimize process interruption and consumable cost. Each sensor quartz crystals monitor is tested and inspected to ensure the most consistent and most reliable monitor crystal with maximum monitor crystal life.

  • As well-known, some key process steps are critical to the product quality; we never neglect anything throughout the full process; SungThai manufactures and inspects each quartz crystals in a cleanroom to deliver the highest standards of quality assurance from raw quartz to the final packaged products ready for shipment. Before released from the factory, all products are 100% tested, ensuring that the products delivered to you are always of high quality.

  • We offer a stable supply of a critical component as the direct supplier; we optimize inventory management with flexible delivery schedules..

  • As the leader of quartz monitor crystals for thin film solutions in China, we can also provide technical support for you, helping you choose right quartz monitor crystals with different quartz monitor crystals diameters, frequencies, electrode patterns, electrode coatings, and packaging options to meet the unique needs of each customer.

  • Our quartz monitor crystals are compatible with most of controllers and monitors. 6 MHz and 5 MHz quartz monitor crystals are offered with gold, silver or alloy electrodes and in single anchor, double anchor and “full pad both sides” patterns:

Electrode Materials


Electrode Pattern

SungThai are available with three different electrode patterns: • Full pad/double anchor • Full pad/single anchor • Full pad both sides

Full Pad/Double Anchor, Single Anchor

“Full pad/double anchor, single anchor” crystals have a full-pad electrode pattern on one side and a single or double-anchor electrode pattern on the other side. The double-anchor pattern provides a more reliable electrical connection. The “full pad/single, double anchor” electrode pattern will provide the best performance in crystal life and rate noise and is recommended as standard. The crystal must be oriented with the fully-coated side facing the deposition source. The “single, double anchor” electrode pattern focuses the excitation energy into the center area of the crystal. The excitation area on the anchor electrode pattern side is sized to focus energy at the center of the crystal. This ensures the physical connections made at the perimeter of the crystal have no detrimental effect on its operation. This design maximizes crystal stability and life by minimizing the opportunity to couple unwanted modes of oscillation.

Full Pad Both Sides

“Full pad both sides” crystal have a fully-coated electrode on each side.

These crystals do not require a specific orientation when installed. There is no orientation dependency when placing crystal into holder (crystal cannot be put in upside down). The “full pad both sides” design results in somewhat shorter crystal life and possible rate noise. But it saves manpower and work hour for installing crystals.


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